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Clash Royale Questions & Answers With Coach Mike

Coach Mike is a professional mobile gaming strategist whose scientific method-based attack methodology, cunning style of play, and tireless devotion to winning have catapulted him to the apex of the online gaming pantheon.

We’re thrilled to have Coach Mike onboard to share his experience with us, exclusively on Don’t forget, you can read the questions Coach Mike has already answered!

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Meet Coach Mike

Last year, Coach Mike again proved his capacity to adapt and respond to ever-changing gaming conditions as one of the inaugural players of Clash Of Clans in the United States. After witnessing a 3-star victory in an epic Clan War, one of his future students made this observation:

“[Mike] has the ability to see patterns where others just don’t. I don’t know what’s going on in his head when he’s playing the game… I’m just glad I’m not on the other end.” – Justin G.

As Coach Mike came up through the ranks, he quickly amassed a group of loyal followers who asked him questions about his methods. When he began to share his secrets, he realized he was more than a star player: He was a coach.

Now that Clash Royale has been released, Coach Mike is once again applying his sheer determination and force of will to obliterate the competition. Even as his challengers collapse under the crushing weight of his signature attacks and demoralizing, impenetrable defenses, Coach Mike continues to refine his craft by creating new playing strategies that keep him ahead of the curve.

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